The Translation Procedure

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At CL-Communication quality is our top priority. That is why everything we do is always carried out with utmost care and precision. Our experience has shown that the quality of a translation is also influenced by the administrative processes. These processes have therefore been optimized so that your input can be kept to a minimum. Nevertheless, we ask you to understand that, in some cases, it may be necessary to ask specific questions or to request additional information. After all, the quality of a translation will be higher, the more precise the peripheral information that is provided (e.g. intended use, vocabulary lists, tonality, specific terms, similar texts, etc.). This will enable our translators to literally "dive into" the material and focus solely on the translation.The procedure for a translation is generally as follows:

The translation procedure

1. Quote

Please request a quote by uploading the text via our website or by sending it to us via e-mail. The more detailed your information, the more precise the offer will be. That is why we would kindly ask you for comprehensive information at this stage, which will help us to assess the complexity of the translation and help us in the ensuing translation process. If you are not able to determine the subject area exactly, please choose a subject area that, in your opinion, comes closest. If we have any queries, we will contact you personally. After extensive analysis of the text, you will receive a binding offer by e-mail promptly.

2. Confirmation

We will then ask you to confirm the order after receiving our quote. Upon receipt of your order it will also be confirmed by us via e-mail and our translators will begin with the translation or the preparatory work for the translation.

3. Translation and revision

Our native-speakers, specialised in the respective specialist field, will then check that all the necessary documents and information are available. If necessary, we will ask you to provide certain additional information or documents to ensure the high quality of the translation. The translators will now carry out the translation, which will then undergo thorough revision and, if necessary, correction.

4. Delivery

As soon as the translation has been completed and been subjected to careful proofreading, it will be sent to you via e-mail. We ask you to confirm receipt of the translation. Translations are normally delivered as Word files, although other formats are possible, too: e.g. .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt, .inx

5.Follow up

Should you require a modification or optimisation of the text after receipt, you are free to request changes within 14 days of receipt, during which we would be glad to adhere to any of your wishes. A copy of the original text and translation normally remains with us. However, we would kindly ask you to ensure that you also save your documents (both source text and translation) yourself, as we cannot guarantee a subsequent delivery of these files.

As a matter of course, all of your data is subject to strictest confidentiality. Our computer systems are well protected by firewalls and virus scanners, and your data are securely stored in our system. However, should you not want us to store your data, please inform us correspondingly. We will then delete all of your files from our servers. Please note that in this case we will have to charge you for any post-processing, as the entire documents would have to be checked again.