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Not all translations are the same. Nowadays, you can learn and study all sorts of languages after which you can surely master them at an adequate level. But that will not do for us! We believe that far more is needed in order to provide absolutely impeccable translations - especially when it comes to specialized texts.

That is why we work exclusively with native speakers living in their respective country. In that way we can make sure the translation conveys exactly what you are trying to say in the original version. Linguistic misinterpretations can be ruled out as we always take into account cultural subtleties, and the characteristic style of each original text is accurately transferred to the translation.

 Each and every translation is prepared by a native speaking translator with relevant experience in the respective specialist field. Prior to the delivery of the translation, the text is subjected to a final correction run. In this final step, possible errors are evened out and the translation receives its finishing touches.

If desired, a third proofreading run can be carried out by a separate native speaker. This is particularly useful for texts that are to be published.

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