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The automotive industry is a special industrial branch that is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sales of automobiles and other motor vehicles. The automotive industry has changed greatly since its beginning at the end of the 19th century and has continued to develop further in a breathtaking pace ever since. Today it is one of the fastest moving industries. Texts that have to be translated in this field include not only sober technical documentations, but often even highly emotional advertising or image texts. This illustrates how two completely different types of translation and thus translator can be required in one and the same specialist field - depending on the respective textual content. Some of our translators in this specialist field are therefore qualified engineers with experience working for automobile manufacturers or suppliers. Others come from the fields of advertising and PR in the automotive industry.

In order to consistently deliver quality translations, CL-Communication translation service works exclusively with native professional translators that have a relevant professional background and sufficient experience in the respective specialist field.

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