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The specialist field of Information Technology (IT) includes both information and data processing as well as the necessary hardware and software.This overall term, in turn, can be split up into various areas such as communication, entertainment, business or industrial IT.

As one of the fastest developing areas of modern society, information technology is not only omnipresent, but such a fast-moving field that it is sometimes difficult to keep up.That is why our expert translators in this field not only have an affinity for IT and telecommunication, but also relevant experience in certain areas of information technology. As a translation service, we require and are able to call on translators in this field who not only posses relevant user skills, but also have profound knowledge in specific areas, and might possibly even describe themselves as "computer geeks" in a positive sense.

In order to consistently deliver quality translations, CL-Communication translation service works exclusively with native professional translators that have a relevant professional background and sufficient experience in the respective specialist field.

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