Translation service for the specialist field of "Marketing/PR"

CL-Communication GmbH

Mönchengladbach - Köln

Your professional translation service

Our qualified translators in the area of Marketing/PR are experts in their specialist field and ensure that the marketing message of your text is adapted to your target audience with regard to cultural nuances and local conditions. In order to achieve best possible results, we can gladly use existing terminology databases or create new ones for you. 

The characteristic style of the text plays a major role in the translation of marketing texts, and the art of translation in this specialist field consists of transferring the cadence of the text while simultaneously taking into account the cultural and stylistic environment in the target language. Our translators are in a position to adapt themselves and the texts to your specific communication goals. That is why your texts are translated into the language of the respective country not only according to your specifications, but also adapted to your target group’s linguistic style in the target market. In that way you can be sure that your target audience will receive the exact message that you wish to convey.

In order to consistently deliver quality translations, CL-Communication translation service works exclusively with native professional translators that have a relevant professional background and sufficient experience in the respective specialist field.

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