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The specialist field of mechanical engineering is a traditional industry that deals with the design and construction of machines. It includes a wide range of fields such as mechanics, engineering mechanics, materials engineering, measurement technology, process engineering or fluid technology. 

When translating texts from the field of mechanical engineering the consistency of the used terminology is of particular importance. We would be happy to create a terminology database based on your existing translations, with the help of which our translators can ensure that the most important terms are always used consistently. Due to our extensive experience in translating technical documents such as manuals, material safety data sheets, parts lists, specifications or tender documents, we are in a position to provide specialized translations of the highest quality. The translations are carried out exclusively by qualified translators with an engineering background.

In order to consistently deliver quality translations, CL-Communication translation service works exclusively with native professional translators that have a relevant professional background and sufficient experience in the respective specialist field.

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