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In the specialist field of tourism we generally deal with the translation and adaptation of travel brochures, tourist information, newsletters, travel reports, promotional articles and so on. However, the main focus is not only on the translation of the relevant texts, but also on their adaptation to local conditions. In the tourism industry the adaptation to the situation in foreign countries is not the only thing that plays an important role. In fact, the local situation in terms of social behaviours and rules also has to be taken into account. 

That is why the adaptation of the texts is usually not a one-sided affair. Instead, adaptations have to be made in both directions, so that all participants have an insight into both the home country as well as the foreign destination, but still feel largely at home in terms of style and diction. Tourism is often even said to have an educational effect, which we, as translators, are glad to take on.

In order to consistently deliver quality translations, CL-Communication translation service works exclusively with native professional translators that have a relevant professional background and sufficient experience in the respective specialist field.

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